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remember September 11, 2001

Author’s recounts of 9/11
It was a claim Tuesday on the day the America stood still, which included Boston, the capital of my home-state and where Logan Airport is located. I was in the 9th grade, a high school freshman, and it was 3 months away from my 15h birthday. That morning, I was thinking what to do after school because the head of the household, my mother, was celebrating her birthday. Anyhow, I was on my way to 4th period, ironically it was World History, when I heard over the announcement about happened gong on in New York. Now, due to a sensory overload, I wasn’t sure on what was going on.

When I finally got to class, the history teacher, who is now the principal at the school since I left, had the TV set on in the class. Like the others, I was watching along out of curiously because I needed to know why there was that announcement. It was there I saw what was going. America stood as the Towers fell. At first, like many others, thought it was likely a computer malfunction or pilot error. There it got out that it was an act of terror and many places shut down for awhile. At times, afterwards, I didn’t want to hear it anymore, and for many it was want the terrorists wanted… people to be in a stage of fear.

However, it took about a month for people to final say, let’s move on. It’s easy to understand for someone to say that is outrageous to stop thinking about the attack but they soon realize the terrorists who did wanted people to give and by moving on, they were going to let terror not getaway with it. It didn’t long for people to fight back in any way they can, I started to go express my feelings in art as a coping skill. Today, with Bin Laden gone, many believe should be over… but there’s problem. While one threat is gone, another will happen and we got to be ready. The surprise attacks… all it did is gave the nation a reason to take a stand. Now, I know a lot are going to ague about 9/11, for me, I’m going to let the public decide on that. However, what I can agree upon is this, once one form of evil is dealt with, once must get ready for another.


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